Our Vision

We Aim to create a social impact on the society by carrying out our responsibilities as a socially active indivisual and encourage others to do the same and make people aware about it through regular events and workshops.

Grab a Smile

An online awarness Event to make people contribute whatever they possibly can to help out poor and unprivigled people and share it to encourage other people to do the same and be a heping hand to thoose who really need it.

Blood Donation

Leo Club BIT, Mesra organized a blood donation camp in association with JCI and Inspire foundation to spread awarness about long term advantages of blood donation and transfusion.

Cleaniness Drive

Leo Club Student's Chapter, BIT Mesra organised a March Service Weekend where we sincerely acted upon contributing something to our society. We successfully conducted a Cleanliness and Awareness Drive in Sweeper's Colony, BIT Mesra.

Orphanage Visit

LEO Club BIT, Mesra made a visit to Guru Nanak Home for Handicapped Children and then a Blood Donation Camp in Upper Bazar. It was a memorable experience for all of us at Leo. We urge you all to do the same. The vulnerable and disadvantaged in this world need something more than pity they need to know that this world can be a better place and we are always there for them.

Stationary Drive

The leo family visited the adim jati seva mandal for underprivileged kids and donated stationary items. There was a lot of love, laughter and joy along with an intense nail biting match of cricket with the young ones and singing along to the tunes of guitar. The smiles that spread onto their faces were all the reward that was needed.

Installation Ceremony

The working body executives visited our campus to falicitate our executive body and in the process make them self aware of their responsibilties to carrry out all upcoming tasks with zest, enthusiasm and passion.




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