Upcoming Events

Pen It Down

An online Event where people can potray their writing skills and stand a chance to feature their articles on our instagram page.The main aim is to spread awarness about socio cultural issues which usually people ignore considering the dynamics of the mordern society.

Live Sessions

A series of instagram live sessions with some of the most acclaimed psychologist across social media platforms.Our primary intiative is to spread awarness about mental health issues and to help and guide people who are suffering from it.

Past Events

Guard Your Goal

A fun event to channel your passion and love for football, and prove yourself in a battle of wits, knowledge and guile against all other football fanatics out there.Topping it all, we have a round designed to engage you all as responsible citizens, not compromising with the fun that this event brings.Grab this perfect opportunity to showcase your off-the-pitch skills, score a few goals and earn some glory.




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