Our Vision

Our motive is to make people embrace our rich cultural heritage and enjoy being a part of it because we truly believe that is how we can preserve the real essence of our rich cultural heritage.It's a beautiful feeling to celebrate your culture with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Murder Mystery

A jaw dropping murder was committed and BITians were called upon to solve it with the help of various clues spread across the campus. Over 400+ students put on their Sherlock hats and took to the streets. The detectives that cracked the mystery and help catch the criminals were awarded with a exciting prizes.

LaLa Land

Battle out your wits in the ultimate faceoff of mind games. This game tests your composure, presence of mind and strategic ability to the fullest as you compete in the 3 rounds full of merit, intelligence, and strength.

Beat the Clock

The ultimate test for duos to showcase their compatibility and grit, show us how calm and coordinated you can be in stressful situations and reach the end successfully. Race against time and compete with other teams in a fun-filled scenario, bringing out the inner detective in you.

Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the geek standing together are demonstrating compatibility and communication. Communication is actually important as it is a way to tell the other person what's on your mind, but it gets difficult when you are not allowed to talk, that's where your compatibility works when you need to understand your partner's gesture.

Catch your match

Our true companion is the person who can read your mind, perceive your emotions and dewel their thoughts to you. So, let's test the coalescence of you and your companion over verbal and intellectual compatibility and let's see how you perform this nerve wrecking event.


BIT's most exuberant night filled with laughter, love, lights and happiness. Deepotsav is a zealous celebration of our culture and traditions.It is one of our flagship events and the most sought after event in the college truly a night that you might never forget.




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